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38. Congress of the Office International


The 38th congress from the Office International du Coin de Terre et des Jardins Familiaux a.s.b.l. takes place in Vienna from August 17 to 21, 2016.

Subject matterwill be « The future special counseling with regard to sustainable and responsible handling of resources. »

2016 the Central Association of allotment holders celebrates his 100th anniversary and is pleased to welcome the delegates from the 12 member countries of the Office International by this festive occasion. The Congress takes place in the Austrian Trend Event Hotel Pyramid on the suburb of Vienna.

In addition to the presentations and discussions, the congress participants will have the opportunity to experience the cultural and culinary variety of the hosting country. Amongst others, the program includes trips, excursions to allotments and a special, cultural closing event.

Until the congress this homepage will provide information about the hosting city and about organizational issues. During the event actual insights and reports will be provided and of course a comprehensive review to this event may not be missed.

Already today the Central Association of allotment holders is looking forward to welcome the congress participants in Vienna and is wishing a good time to all guests.